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California Consumer Privacy Act


The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a comprehensive new consumer protection law that took effect on January 1, 2020.
The CCPA is different than current U.S. privacy legislation as the CCPA definition of personal information  is very broad and includes new data elements to be considered personal information that is not covered under existing  U.S. privacy laws.  Additionly,  the CCPA specifically guarantees California consumers privacy rights that can create significant compliance and operational responsibilities for businesses covered by CCPA.
The CCPA applies to any business in the world if:

1.  They collect data personal data of California residents
2.  They (or parent company or subsidiary) exceed at least one of the following three thresholds:
      1.  Annual gross revenues of at least $25 million
      2.  Obtains personal information of at least 50,000 California residents, households and /or devices per year
      3.  At least 50% of their annual revenue is generated from selling California residents personal information

A California resident is defined by California law as any person who:
-  Is in California for other than a temporary or transitory purpose
-  Is domiciled in California, but is outside the State for temporary or transitory purposes

There are 2 potential penalties for non-compliance.  The CCPA allows for both public and private actions. The State of California  can bring civil penalties ranging between $2500 to $7500 for each CCPA violation. While this penalty may not seem significant, it is important to understand this is a per user penalty  so that one violation involving 3,000 consumers actually counts as 3,000 violations and could potentially result in millions of dollars in penalties.

The CCPA also allows for private action from consumers in the form of private legal action against companies for data breaches resulting in privacy violations and recovering anything between $100 and $750 per consumer per incident or the  actual damages (whichever is greater). 

Furthermore, if it is found  that a covered company did not provide reasonable CCPA data security measures to protect the consumers’ personal and private information, these unintentional CCPA violations can also result in fines.
Depending on your business size and activities update public privacy notices, update internal policies and procedures, implement mechanisms to facilitate consumer requests, and update vendor and third party contracts.
Learn more about key business obligations under the CCPA here.
Once you have determined your  business needs to comply with CCPA, we will conduct a thorough compliance assessment and provide a customized solution designed to kickstart your business into CCPA compliance within days.  During our CCPA Compliance Assessment we will examine your businesses data processing workflows, identify CCPA compliance gaps, and advise on how our solution will help you  become compliant.
Establishing and maintaining compliance for ADA WCAG 2.1 and/or CCPA legal obligations can be a burdensome and time consuming distraction with significant legal ramifications.

Legal and Technical Expertise 
Our firm is singularly dedicated to providing technology solutions focused on achieving ADA access and CCPA privacy regulatory and legal compliance solutions.

Our firm understands the law and more importantly how technology needs to be implemented to maintain constant compliance for maximum legal protection for your business.  We specialize in providing small and medium sized businesses with affordable compliance solutions on a monthly subscription model.

Our Firm recognizes cash flow is critical for every small to medium size business and regulatory compliance issues can disrupt your business operations with unplanned and significant expenses. In the past, you had two choices to achieve access and privacy compliance.  

You could either hire this in-demand skillset or outsource the project to a marketing agency or IT company that may have insufficient understanding of the laws as they pertain compliant technology solutions.

We understand your time needs to be spent managing your business for growth.  Establishing and ensuring ongoing CCPA compliance can be burdensome, time consuming and potentially expensive.  We understand your business is not about access and privacy compliance  and the significant legal ramifications for non-compliance.   Our CCPA Managed Compliance subscription will save your business time, money and minimize disruptions to your normal business operations.

Have more questions about 
CCPA compliance?

Contact us to set up a complimentary, no-obligation phone consultation to review your ADA and CCPA  compliance report

Ongoing CCPA Compliance Services:

CCPA Managed Compliance

  • Our CCPA Managed Compliance subscription is designed for businesses that prefer to outsource the ongoing management of their CCPA compliance. Our comprehensive technology solutions are  focused on  simplifying the ongoing  CCPA compliance requirements.
  • ​Guardian Law Group will take a pro-active role in managing your CCPA compliance obligations and will provide maintenance of ongoing CCPA requirements. 
  • ​All  CCPA Managed Compliance subscriptions include an annual CCPA Compliance Validation.


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